95% of Data Breaches are the result of employee error

Can you afford NOT to provide Security Awareness Training to your employees?

Are You Vulnerable to a Data Breach?

Do you believe cybercriminals only target big companies?

More than 75% of data breaches target small and medium-sized business (SMBs), and that can result in both financial and reputational loss. As a business owner, you'll want to ensure that you have provided your employees with the tools and information required to safeguard company assets should that fateful day arrive.

Train Your Employees

Train your employees to help ​protect your sensitive data. 95% of all data loss is the result of employee error or mishandling.

Secure Your Devices

Identify, track and secure (encrypt) your employee’s devices—smartphones, USB drives, tablets, and laptops.

Create Clear Policies

Create clear and concise written policies on the use and disposal of sensitive data.

Protect Your Network

Protect your network with VPNs, firewalls, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, etc.

Secure Your Physical Space

Track and log visitors, limit access with locked doors.

Know Where Your Data Resides

Locate, understand and limit where all of your sensitive data resides.

Employ Proper Disposal Procedures

Ensure that you have the proper procedures and documents in place to dispose of any devices, equipment, and paper records.

We can help you protect your computers, your data, and your reputation.

Security Awareness Training


  • Free for Prescient IT subscribers
  • Online Training with engaging videos
  • Self-paced Training
  • Online testing
  • Certification of Completion


Breach Prevention Platform


Includes everything from Security Awareness Training, plus:

  • Continuous Security Training
    Weekly Micro Security Training
  • 1-2 minute Bite-sized Training Modules
  • Simulated Phishing Attack
  • Ability to Track and Report Employee Actions
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • Security Recommedations
  • Threat Analysis / Risk Determination
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Electronic Acknowledgement of Policies
  • On-Demand Employee Security Training
  • Security Incident Module
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Storage
  • Contracts and Documents Storage
  • Security Document Templates

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Breach Prevention & Response


Includes all the services in the Breach Prevention Platform, plus:

  • $100,000
    Financial Protection
  • Breach Forensics, Counselling, Notification and Credit Monitoring of affected individuals

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Training Overview

Extensive Use of Multimedia (Videos, Animation, Graphics, Quizzes)

Interesting and Engaging Training Material

Training Delivered Via Online Training Portal

Training Takes Around 1 Hour

Employees Can Start, Stop and Resume Training

Employees Feedback Has Been Outstanding!​

Security Training Topics

What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Protecting Credit Cards and Customer Information

Spotting Phishing Scams

Avoiding Phone Scams

Using Strong Passwords

Public Wi-Fi Dangers

Protecting Mobile Devices

Clean Desk Policy

Many More Security Topics

Training Certificates & Reports

After employees finish the security training, they will take a 20 question security quiz. They need an 80% or better to pass the quiz. Upon passing the security quiz, they will be able to print out a certificate of course completion. There is a report that you can access that shows the progress and results of each employee.