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Our Prescient IT service lets us know what's happening on your network before it becomes a problem. And that's good news.

The traditional computer support model is broken. You and your service provider have conflicting desires. The service provider is dependent on system failures because they drive his revenue stream. You, of course, want to avoid system failures because downtime costs your business through lost productivity as well as the actual dollars spent resolving the issue.

When you subscribe to Prescient IT, our goals align with yours. Improved uptime for you means lower costs for us.

Keeping your systems up and running is just good business. For both of us.

We Develop Baseline Documentation

We begin every project by collecting information about your environment including your existing documentation, site diagrams, scraps of paper - whatever you have. But, most importantly, we query your network directly using our purpose built documentation tools. We will present this information to your management team as the basis for developing an action plan and management plan. This document will be updated and reviewed quarterly.

Lenovo Thinkserver RD210
Lenovo Thinkserver RD210

We Manage Your Infrastructure

We deploy only remotely manageable networking equipment and monitor it 24/7. Following industry best practices, we disable switch ports that are not in use, block unused protocols at the gateway and require the use of a secure VPN to access internal services from outside your network. We monitor your printers, UPS, environmental sensors - anything attached to your network that has monitoring capabilities. Our aim is that you receive no surprises.

We Manage Your Servers

Your file and application servers and/or shared storage devices are critical to the uninterrupted operation of your business. Any failure of these systems will affect every user on your network, so we take extra care to ensure maximum system availability along with the best possible performance.

We monitor memory, CPU and disk storage for both capacity and performance. We monitor temperature and fan activity which can be indicators of imminent hardware issues. We monitor your log files for unusual activity. In short, we monitor anything that can be monitored. We perform routine maintenance as necessary and confirm that anti-virus software is being updated and that backups are being run. And we do it all 24 hours a day, every day. Experience tells us that managing the small problems early can avoid much larger problems later.

Lenovo Thinkserver RD210

We Manage Your Workstations

We work hard to keep your PCs and laptops healthy so your employees can concentrate on their jobs and not waste time futzing with their computers. We monitor and maintain desktops and laptops with the same diligence we apply to servers. We know you need anti-virus software (you know that too, right?) so we've partnered with Webroot to bring you one of the most innovative endpoint security solutions on the market. And, we include it free with your Prescient IT subscription.

Do your employees need access to their desktop computers while they are away from the office? We find that's often the case so we've included secure remote access software and, once again, it's free with your subscription. This feature can be enabled selectively at the client's discretion.

We Schedule Maintenance Tasks

To the extent possible, we automate the preventative maintenance tasks that are known to increase reliability and performance to ensure your employees are always getting the best possible computing experience. In addition, we've found Ninite Pro to be an indispensable tool for installing and updating many commonly used third-party applications and, naturally, we include it free with your Prescient IT subscription.


We know you can find a lower price but doubt you'll find a better value than our Prescient IT service. Once again, you get everything listed below for one cost effective monthly fee.

Baseline Documentation


Monitoring of servers, PCs, printers and other compatible devices


Remote Management


Scheduled Tasks


Endpoint Security


Remote Access for your users


Ninite Pro (minimum value USD$50/month)


Security Awareness Training


Quarterly Documentation update and review


Hybrid Backup (remote and offsite copy of your data. Your data is secure in a CANADIAN data centre.)

cost dependent on volume

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