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Kmail: Business class email for everyone

Small business email servers are relics of the past.  Consumer email services don't let you use your business domain name.  With their business email offerings, Google and Microsoft want to tie you to a full cloud ecosystem.  If you're like most of our clients, you just want a reliable email solution.  Welcome to Kmail.  Business class email.  Bring your own domain, get the storage you need, and the access method you choose — IMAP, POP3, or Webmail.

Look like the professionals you are with a customized email address.

Spam & Virus Protection

Our premium filtering virtually eliminates spam and viruses.

Private & Secure Email

We will never read or scan your email for advertising nor sell your contact lists.

10GB of Storage

Each email account includes 10GB of storage for your email and files.  Easily share, create, and collaborate with your team.

Additional storage is available at extra cost.

Address Book

Add and organize unlimited contacts with the included address book.  Connect to existing directories.


Schedule, sync, and share your calendar with your team across any platform or device.  Managing your team with Kmail has never been easier.

We sync with GMail, Outlook, iOS and others.

Additional Features:

  • File Storage
  • Email Forwarding
  • Email Signatures
  • Mailing Lists
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Aliasing
  • Contact import/export
  • IMAP support
  • POP3 support
  • Web and mobile access

Get a custom email address from a company you can depend on

JC Kelly offers professional, branded email options to suit every company.  We're not some faceless entity based somewhere in the ether, we're the guys who support your people and systems every day.