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Your business manages documents.  You may store them in file cabinets, banker's boxes, milk crates or, perhaps, on a computer or even a server.  These documents require management so you can find them, update them and, eventually, destroy them.  An Electronic Document Management System is ideal for managing the life-cycle of both digital and paper-based documents.  

Small businesses have, mostly, been ignored by document management vendors.  But, no matter their size, all businesses have to manage documents.  For the smaller enterprise there is no better system than FileCenter

Manage & organise files from a single, unified interface

Organise your files, scan paper documents, edit PDFs, and search your archives from a clean, simple interface.

Pre-defined naming rules

The most tedious part about saving a file is now the easiest: picking a name.  Name and save your files or new scans with just a few mouse-clicks.

Open & save any file type

FileCenter can store files from any Windows application.  It also integrates seamlessly with the Save and Open functions of most software. 

Email files — as secure, uneditable PDFs

Send any kind of file as an attachment with a single click. Just select and send. Need to send it as a PDF? No problem, and no extra steps. FileCenter can turn the attachment into an uneditable PDF.

Manage incoming files with
an Inbox

If you receive a steady inflow of files to a specific folder, FileCenter can show you a split view with your Inbox on top, and your regular cabinets on the bottom. It's then easy to move the incoming files into your cabinets.

Preview documents without opening them

With FileCenter's preview pane, there's no need to open a document just to check if it's the one you want. Easily see real-time previews of Office, image, or PDF files, just by clicking on them.

Additional Features:

  • Consistent folder layouts with templates
  • Search your desktop and network as easily as you search the web
  • Easily share documents on your network
  • Easily administer your network
  • Access your files in the Cloud
  • Scan to PDF and TIFF
  • Automatically OCR all new scans
  • Separate and save scans automatically
  • Scan to Word
  • OCR existing scans
  • PDF Management

FileCenter is the low-cost leader in document management!

JC Kelly offers professional installation and configuration of all FileCenter components.  Call us today to help you drastically reduce your reliance on paper documents.

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