Wix: Is it the Answer?

2016-09-20 03:14 AM Comment(s) By Cavan Kelly

I really wanted to like Wix. It seemed like such an easy way to quickly develop and host a decent looking website for a reasonable cost. Not so much.


  • I want readers to be able search my site. $2/mo extra.
  • I want a form builder. $4/mo extra
  • I want Web statistics (similar to AWStats or Webalizer). $5/mo extra.
  • I want to have accordion text for FAQ pages and the like. $5/mo extra and I can only have a single page.

In case you’re not doing the math as we go, I would now need to pay more for these trivial extras than I am for the entire Wix platform and hosting. This isn’t nickel and diming, this is five dollaring your customer to death. And, as is common in this business, all figures are in US Dollars so Canadians can add 32% (todays rate).

But it gets worse:

  • I want to provide a custom 404 page. Can’t be done.
  • I want text to wrap around images. Can’t be done without fudging.
  • I want to properly space bulleted lists. Can’t be done without fudging.

C’mon Wix, these are basic features. When was the last time you saw a business site with no search capability? No FAQ? And why are these charged monthly? They are not services like billing systems, nor are they consumables. You don’t buy shoes by the month, neither should you widgets for a website.

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