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I'm in the process of changing platforms and old blog posts didn't come through cleanly.  I'll clean them up as I have time

2020-04-14 02:36 PM - Comment(s)

I really wanted to like Wix. It seemed like such an easy way to quickly develop and host a decent looking website for a reasonable cost. Not so much.


  • I want readers to be able search my site. $2/mo extra.
  • I want a form builder. $4/mo extra
  • I want Web statistics (similar to AWStats or Webalizer)....
2016-09-20 03:14 AM - Comment(s)

So, you’ve carefully crafted your message and are searching for just the right image to complement your prose. If you’re like most, you’ll turn to one of the many stock photo houses where you can pay anywhere from nothing to thousands of dollars for the perfect image. But, even after you pay, how ca...

2016-09-19 03:21 AM - Comment(s)