PaperOffice: Simple, Secure Electronic Document Management

What is PaperOffice?
PaperOffice is an innovative document management system (DMS) which serves as the core of a paperless office, whether in your business or your home. PaperOffice manages your documents both in paper form and in electronic format. 
Data Overload

Having information is good. Being buried in unmanageable amounts of data is not. Data that is unmanaged, unorganised, and unuseable is a hinderance to your organisation, not a benefit.

Turning Data into Information

When documents are at your fingertips and can be located and related to other data you possess, it becomes information and is infinitely more valuable to your company. PaperOffice excels at turning data into information.

Every business manages documents.  More today than ever before, the information contained in these documents is subject to government regulations regarding its security and privacy.  JC Kelly has addressed these requirements by partnering with PaperOffice Limited.  Developed in Germany, PaperOffice is an Electronic Document Management System engineered from the ground up to meet the world's most stringent security and privacy laws.  Documents stored in PaperOffice's MySQL-compatible database are secured by 1024-bit encryption and decrypted only upon access by an authorised user.  Physically, your data also remains under your control as it resides on your own on-premise Synology server.


Small businesses have largely been ignored by document management vendors.  But, no matter their size, all businesses have to manage documents.  For the smaller enterprise there is no better system than PaperOffice. 

The Ultimate Solution for creating a Paper-Free Digital Office

PaperOffice contains everything required for your digital office.  Manage documents easily with lightning-fast access to any kind of information.  Access all documents and data anywhere securely, all data is stored on your on-premise database server and remains encrypted until accessed by an authorised user.

AI-based automatic filing

PaperOffice's automatic filing system uses AI learning technology to recognize, categorize, and store all newly added documents based on visual and keyword features.

Documents saved to a central database

All documents and information are stored, secured, and encrypted in a centralized MySQL database that PaperOffice automatically sets up on your Synology NAS.

Find everything at lightning speed

Unique thumbnail display design shows important document information and text passages, resulting in optimized full-text search time.

Complete team tasks effectively

The integrated workflow modules support all functions required in daily documentation workflow. From notes, virtual post-its, to deadline monitoring to document completion and resubmission—everything is possible.

GOBD and GDPR compliant

PaperOffice’s document storage is audited and tax-compliant. The document storage complies with all European legislation and guidelines for collection, retention, and provision of documents.

Secure on-site storage

Data protection at its perfection. PaperOffice is a locally installed application that can be operated without Internet connection and stores all documents in your Synology MySQL database.

Raven Pro 

  • Perfect for shared spaces
  • Large 8" touchscreen
  • No computer required
  • Included Ethernet, USB, and wireless interfaces
  • 60 ppm scan speed
  • 100 page document feeder
Buy it at

Fujitsu fi-7300NX

  • Perfect for shared spaces
  • 4.3" touchscreen
  • No computer required
  • Ethernet, USB, and wireless interfaces
  • TWAIN and ISIS drivers 
  • 60 ppm scan speed
Buy it at

Fujitsu fi-7240

  • Flatbed and document feeder
  • Perfect for delicate documents
  • USB only
  • computer required
  • TWAIN and ISIS drivers 
  • 40 ppm scan speed (faster models available)
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